01 January 2012

Reflections upon 2011

Reflections upon 2011
First since I haven’t been writing much...let me wish all of you a blessed Christmas season. May it be joyful and bring upon many graces for you and your family. I also wish a most blessed 2012 that you be filled with health and prosperity. 
Second, let me apologize for not writing so much lately. I have been very busy with teaching and have not had the time to really write things down. 
I have many things to say, so bear with me....
In short, 2011 can be divided into as with all things, the good, the bad and the ugly. 
  1. The good
  1. Being a physics teacher at a not so local school. I have moved out to Idaho, and I’m glad that I made the move out to teach physics. Physics is my strongest subject by far, and it reflects in my teaching. If I do end up teaching for the rest of my life, I will teach physics all the time. 
  1. Independence...it’s good to finally be out of everyone’s shadow and no longer dependent on anyone or anything. Living on my own rocks :)
  1. There are various other things that have been good, but all of them need not be stated.
  2. Met Adrienne from the blogging world :)
  1. The Bad. 
  1. I haven’t written much about the 2nd semester of living Religious Life. When I came back from vacation the previous year, something felt off...I could not point to what it was...upon reflection, and discussion with my classmates, I was able to piece 2 and 2 together. I can’t publicly comment on what we discussed. But what was discussed seemed to confirm my interior thoughts even though I did not express those thoughts. I used exterior actions to reflect the interior thoughts that were going on in my head. (Withdraw, and various other things)...For those of you that know me in real life, know that I don’t tend to be very confrontational in person unless provoked. I tend to keep my thoughts to myself and open up to very few people. Yes, living religious life was hard, but I didn’t think that it was impossible. When I left, I felt used (not a strange feeling in my life)...something felt incomplete...as if I wasn’t finished....more on that later. 
  1. There are various things that have changed, and I’m not really a fan of those changes. There are some friends who continue to be in situations which I absolutely detest. There are various people that are doing things that I am not a fan of. 
3) These are a few of my least favourite things: 
  1. One of those that are considered closest to my heart being influenced by someone to the right of me. 
  2. Being used, taken advantage of by someone you start to care for.
  3. Thinking that you have an understanding with someone only to be betrayed. 
  4. When the Liturgy is abused in any shape or form. 
  5. Not even having an opportunity to impress or show my various talents. 
  6. Any mention whatsoever of the ebf
  7. When people are disrespectful and disregard what little authority that I do have ;)
  8. Anything related to Biebs, Cyrus, or Rebecca Black
  9. The constant questions of asking when I’m going to get married...as I’ve said, and I’ll say it again...the day there’s an invite in your box. That’s when...until then zip it. 
  1. Well, there’s a lot more, but I have a category to write. 
  2. Oh yes, people insisting rights where rights don’t exist. 
The Ugly
  1. I’ve always had this theory on women...it’s proven to be right. “All women are evil.” (The BVM doesn’t count, and nor do a few people that I’m thinking of as I write this)...I used to qualify it by anyone who breaks my heart is evil. I’ve had a basic, I don’t give a rats anymore who the heck I offend. The bottom line, women, if you’re not ready to be in a relationship, DO NOT BE IN ONE! If you’re just using a guy to try and get back with your ex...FUDGE YOU! And for FUDGE’s sake DO NOT SAY ANYTHING THAT YOU DON’T MEAN NO MATTER HOW MUCH “PRESSURE” YOU FEEL IGNORE IT!  Do not end up causing someone to have weeks of sleepless nights and making his life miserable....and if ANYONE FALLS FOR YOU AT WORK DO NOT PURSUE IT, RESIGN, then pursue!Trust me...you have no idea how much I go to work and end up wanting to do things that aren’t quite charitable to her. Yes, I’m still angry, probably more angry now that I used to be. 
  1. It seems to be a repeated feeling of last year was “being used.” So it seems from time at sem, to relationships with various peoples. I can say there aren’t that many times in distant memory that I’ve felt like this. Last year that comes to mind is 2002. I hate intermediate steps, let’s just get to the conclusion of what’s supposed to happen. 
  1. Hysteria...honestly, the world isn’t going to end in 2012...there are bigger things to worry about than crappy environmental science. 
2012 a new year with a few horrible things to look forward to
  1. This year will be the 10 year anniversary of my mom’s death...Time has flown, still feels like yesterday
  2. It has also been 10 years since I’ve spoken to one of the people that I’ve alluded to in this post...still hoping for reconciliation...STILL!
Some shout outs
  1. Adrienne from Adrienne’s corner...glad to have met her :). hope to catch her again one of these days. 
  1. Emmy...love ya older sis...Thanks for all that you do, and being a great friend. I don’t think I have a closer friend in the blogosphere than her :)
  1. Mrs. Tatyana Makarova...thanks for being my lifeline when it comes to all things physics. I know you’re humble and don’t wish for lauds, but I’m going to do it anyway, it’s my blog...You are like a mother to me, I don’t think you know how much love that I have for you. You’re a great teacher, a great friend. *Tries not to tear as writing this post*
  1. Angelica...you, Emmy and I are going to have to meet up one of these days....timing never seems to be good. Though I may be in San Fran one of these days. (the 28th of April)
  1. the Rachel’s, both the girl I sponsor for Confirmation, and the former blogger :)
Expectations for 2012
  1. to actually have fully finished, revised, my thesis. (aka my physics textbook)...and published :D
  2. For Obama to be voted out of office in November, don’t disappoint me America. 
  3. For persecution of Catholics to increase
  4. To be open to whatever God asks of me....
  5. To have a percentage of vote for the presidency
Anyways, it’s time for me to zip my mouth. I wish that all of you have a most blessed 2012.


  1. Happy new year. All the best for 2012.

    I'm not sure how old you are, but I think I can say you will learn to spot the 'evil' women as you grow wiser.

    Yes, teaching is a wonderful thing to do with your life!

    I visit your blog when I’m on ExposeYourBlog!

  2. A blessed New year to you Anji! Thank you for commenting on the blog...Joe

  3. I'm sorry to hear of your woman troubles. Women sure can use men and can be evil witches. Men can be that same way. It might be that whole equality political correctness garbage or something.

    Wishing you a Happy New Year and blessings in 2012!

  4. Might be something like that :(...PC it's a disease that infects everything...A blessed new year in 2012 for you as well Teresa :)


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