11 April 2014

Some thoughts on a Friday Morning

  • There are times when I feel that people are made of salt (no, not salt of the earth type), and totally insist upon pouring their whole selves into wounds. Painful, yes, annoying, even more so....continuously happening? Of course. 
  • I must say, an ignorance of the Liturgy is a deep problem. I'm realizing more and more that Summorum Pontificum was more or less, Pope Benedict XVI's way of saying, "y'all clueless and need to get your act together." Liturgy is not about us, our preferences, but about the worship of God, this is a matter of justice.
  • Honestly, I really think there is an idolatry of poverty that has been infecting the Roman church lately. Most certainly we're called to live simply, but we're not religious, and we do not have a vow of poverty. Nor for that matter do secular priests. They should not be expected to live like religious priests. 
  • I don't think it's necessary to solicit likes for pages, and various other interests. It is not necessary to publicly acknowledge everything. 
  • Sleep has been difficult to come by...I might need to move countries. 
  • Lastly isn't it interesting that often our greatest enemies are from within our own circles? 


  1. florida is great for sunshine. 8h). You might want a uv lamp before you pack God bless you Joe!

  2. :), as the old saying goes, if I get hired in Florida, I'd be happy to come :D


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