28 April 2014

Larry Johnson, you're apart of the problem too.

Apparently, this guy wants an "all-black" league

Your comments Larry Johnson, are if anything worse than the comments made by Sterling. If anyone should know better it's the generations following those that grew up during the ages of Jim Crow and government sanctioned segregation...One would think that we would have learned from those mistakes and not wish to inflict upon those the same thing that we fought against for several generations.

But of course that would require people to make sense, which rarely happens when you stick a microphone in front of them.

Reverse racism is just as bad as its counterpart, if anything worse. I've spoken of it before in the context of the presidential elections. As mentioned earlier, I believe in consistency. If Sterling's going to get suspended for his actions, so too should Johnson by the organization that he works for. Racism under ANY form is not to be tolerated, accepted or promoted in the public sphere, private sphere or wherever.


  1. An all black league? We had all black leagues.during segregation. I don't want to go back to that.

  2. Indeed, me either, too often, I think the black community self segregates itself from society...and that is for shame.


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