29 April 2014

And so the conclusion...

To the Sterling situation. Or so is being reported

a. The fine

2.5 mil is chump change and probably won't affect him in anyway whatsoever. One can't force someone to think a particular way. Unfortunately with sports there's a natural tendency to lean left on social issues. There's a tendency to try and control "the image" or "the brand" so to speak and anything (or anyone) that affects the bottom line is cast off, whether for public image, or for actual substance.

Since the comments were making damage to the league, even if Sterling wished to appeal the fine, it probably wouldn't be advisable to do so.

b. The lifetime suspension

Really doesn't mean anything either, as long as he still owns the team.

c. the expulsion from the board of governors, and seeking to sell the team

Some questions to propose: Does a person's private opinions about people become a condition for ownership of anything? Should race have to do with anything? That is to say should any person be measured on the content of their character? I guess it's important to have good relationships with those that one works with, and those under them....but since when do we like everyone that we work with? Or does everyone like us back? I'm sure we've all worked for bosses who don't like us for whatever reason (or know of people who have had to work in such situations)...Does it suck? For those that need to please people, sure. But do we not make the best of these situations if we're placed in them?

The above said, he's had plenty of situations where he's been bad for the league, whether undervaluing players, and various things, all on public record.

As I've said before, the "thought police" mentality needs to be stopped regardless of the intention. We can't force others to think in a particular matter, whether we agree with them or not, as the old saying goes, you can lead people to knowledge, but you can't make them think.

To eject Sterling for being a racist wouldn't stand in the court of law if Sterling really chose to go this route. Why? Because there's a right to an opinion (even if it's wrong), California has a double consent law (both people must consent to recording). Again, while most certainly not advisable to hold such a position where minorities are in the majority, holding an ignorant opinion, doesn't hold one back...from doing *insert x* here. Of course owning a team is not a right, but a privilege which one must satisfy certain conditions.

d. The thing is, most have looked directly past the worst part of the situation

The destruction of the family via Sterling leaving his wife for another girl, who is more than likely using him for a particular purpose. Cheating is wrong, period. It seems like the entire situation is a mess. The man needs prayers for conversion...not just from his viewpoints, but to go back to his family and children.

Pax Vobis

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