02 April 2014

Is it possible for a morally neutral situation?

I don't normally read left wing anything, but this was posted on one my social uses...and I had to say something about it...

We need to start with a premise:, when there are multiple view points on various issues, it may be possible that no one wins.

In this situation, we see what I talk about constantly, an objective situation being framed in terms of a subjective application.

The Hospital is Catholic....meaning it's going to be influenced, (and hopefully practice) by the teachings of the Church....in theory it means the hospital will likely follow the following

  • Birth control for the purpose of preventing conception will not be sold
  • Abortions, will not be allowed under any circumstances
  • The dignity of Life will be protected from conception to natural death
  • Euthanasia will not be allowed under any circumstances. 
  • Clothe the naked, feed, the hungry, live out the beatitudes.
Perhaps it hasn't helped that hospitals have not been consistent in applying Catholic teaching in their daily practices, but breaking the teachings of the Church does not make for the situation that is supposed to be normal. (Catholic hospitals being Catholic)

Now, when it comes to "birth control" access, let's be honest, if people really want it, they can find it. Strictly, I'm speaking of over the counter types, condoms and things of that nature. You can't tell me there isn't a drug store in the city where one can find these things. (As the law will not in of itself prevent people from doing bad things, as we all know in practice how this works).

As a private practice, the hospital does have a right to NOT provide birth control to its patients. (Insert arguments here). Is the hospital imposing their rights on you? In one sense yes, in one sense no. It may be a chore to go to a different hospital a few towns over, but there is no rule stating that one absolutely must go to the city hospital for that specific purpose. We do this all the time as a society. How many times do we go out our way for a specific item, because either a store doesn't have an item that we want, or the prices of insert place here are too high? Is it exactly the same thing, of course not, but since when are analogies meant to be perfect? 

Just as one's particular viewpoints might not be the same where one wishes to conduct business, most certainly the values of a particular business are interwoven throughout the store, hospital, wherever one happens to be. Most certainly my perspective, viewpoints are reflected often in my lectures, not necessarily because I'm trying to "impose" them on people, but rather, perspective, experiences, my Faith, make up the core of who I am, and as a result this is done in my actions towards people. Or in the case of a hospital, the Faith which it professes is interwoven throughout everything it does, and through it's very actions, what it believes is being expressed. That is to say exterior actions reflect the interior disposition of *insert x*

In demanding a Catholic hospital which professes the teaching of the Church to provide a person with something it in good conscience can't do, a person does the very thing that it accuses whatever it's patronizing of doing (imposing values on something)...It is a matter of justice that a hospital that professes to be Catholic, allowed to be Catholic. It'd be like expecting a Catholic School to teach Islam, when one goes to a Catholic place, one behaves like a Catholic, it's a matter of respect...Do not go to a Catholic institution expecting that your views be followed. If you do not like it, go somewhere else. 

It's kind of funny in some respects, society often talks about "going green" or "going organic" and yet pop birth control like crazy...Interesting isn't it? (Let me be clear to those that have particular issues, I'm not speaking about you in this situation, I am speaking to those that are using for the strict purpose of preventing conception...this specific issue is addressed here (paragraphs 15-16)

Most certainly a patient does have a "right" to be treated for whatever sickness they have, and most certainly deserve to be treated with the utmost respect and dignity. But there will always be situations where two peoples' perspectives/viewpoints will converge and sometimes there will not be a cure for this situation.

I'd like to give kudos to the Catholic hospital for being Catholic...

Pax Vobis

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