28 April 2014

Donald Sterling

Everyone I'm sure everyone's heard of the Donald Sterling (alleged). comments that were made over the weekend...there was no way I wasn't going to touch on this...but my reaction is going to be a bit different than what one expects...unless you've been reading this blog for sometime, and you'll know where I stand.

a. Everyone should be outraged, but this outrage NEEDS to be consistent.

The comments that were made were flat out repulsive, demeaning and downright cruel. No real words describe how I really feel. The Clippers are already the 2nd rate team in town...now I really won't be supporting them. (Go Warriors (Well, I was rooting for the Warriors anyway, but now I really am rooting for them)). But as I've said before, racism in any form is wrong, and needs to be condemned, whether it's white to black, black to white, or whatever races have tensions towards each other. All of us are created in the image of God, and no race is superior to another....

The fact that there are still people like this that exist is absolutely horrific. It deeply angers me that people can act and be this ignorant. Apparently there's supposed to be some kind of investigation to make sure that it's him in the voice conversations....but this leads to point two.

b. These allegations are anything but new.

It's well known in Los Angeles circles that he wasn't a fan of minorities living in his housing buildings, and had some harassment charges against him, a lawsuit that was dismissed as well Something to consider, was something done then about this? Nope...Why not?

c. What can be done?

One can't control what others think (however stupid, their thoughts might be (unless one works n an indoctrination center). Does being a racist prevent one from owning a sports team? Well that's up to the other owners for setting the conditions to own a team. Just as we condemn the "thought police" for attempting to censor free speech and free thought...perhaps the words that were said, should be allowed to have consequences of their own. That is to say, let people decide that no one wants to play for him, and as such would be put out of business. (Immediately following the season, all players coaches and staff should be allowed to leave freely)

I pray for him, he needs it....I'll have more thoughts as the investigation comes out.

Pax Vobis


  1. I'm not sure if it wasn't so much as racism as a man telling his...um...concubine the rules of their engagement. The rule that I intuited was that she not bring males she's involved with into his presence. Besides this man Sterling has had a bad reputation for years and nobody called him on it. And another thing, this man brings his woman to the games despite having a living wife and everybody is okay with that. The whole thing is gross.

  2. exactly, the whole situation is wrong, the comments that he's most recently made were with respect to the whole entirety of his person, not that horrific, there were other things he's said over the years which have been far worse. As if's often said, people are entitled to their opinion (even if it's wrong)...Having certain views, is that a condition for owning a franchise? Ambiguity kills, guess I should write some more first :p


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