13 February 2012

On Obamacare....why the WHOLE THING needs to be thrown out, not just the mandate.

We need to understand a few things

a. Health care and Health insurance are NOT the same thing. The terms are used interchangebly when they shouldn't. Healthcare is the act through which doctors/nurses, etc take care of your health. Health insurance a risk pool in short designed to protect against catastrophes

b. There are 2 types of health care: ordinary: food and water. and extraordinary: everything else: surgeries, medicines, etc. There is a right to the ordinary means of care. There is NOT a right to the extraordinary means of care. On a simple basis: If it was a right, everyone would be a doctor and be able to do such.

There is the mandate forcing the Catholic Church in America to pay for abortions and contraceptions, which is against the beliefs of the Church. Contraception is not the point. The point is that the government does not have the authority to dictate to the Church, what she can fund, and what she must cover. This is about Religious Liberty.

Even if the mandate were taken away, there would still be a problem. Individuals funding abortions and contraceptions against their own beliefs.

Obamacare...all of it needs to go....not just the mandate.

1. Health Insurance is a good/service. If there is a good or service that you don't want you don't buy it. Some may use the example of auto insurance (yeah, that's wrong too)
2. Extra-ordinary means of health care is not a right. Sorry, it'd be nice if it was. Everything in the world is not a right. Positive rights can't be supported. The rights that we have are outlined in the Constitution. That's it.
3. Why should the government, which has managed to screw just about everything up....be trusted with something as valuable as your health? Shouldn't it be a relationship strictly between you and your doctor?
4. All life has dignity...period! doesn't matter. Life begins at conception. end of argument.
5. I refuse to pay for anyone's stupidity. If people want contraception, they can pay for it themselves. It's cheap and can be found at any drug store without a prescription. Only morons don't know this.

I need a drink...a few of them at that.

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