22 February 2012

7/2 Time-out Tues Vol. 6 The "sin" tuesday...edition

LarryD at AOA hosts this:

1. Well, as all of you know tomorrow is Ash Weds. I have dubbed the day sin tuesday. Aka, do everything you're going to give up for Lent, then not do it for 40 days, then get right back into the habit (Sundays exclued). Of course this is not what Lent is about. It's about purification and striving for heaven. But I'm still going out for happy hour tonight :p

2. I locked myself out of my house last night...by accident...I'm okay....thanks be to God for friends out here.

3. Not giving up social networks or anything. It's actual penance to be on them

7/2. I have turned in my passport application....Now to fill out Russian Visa application...oh boy.

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