07 February 2012

7/2 Time Our Tuesday Vol. 4

Hosted by LarryD at AOA

1) I've been through many things, so I'm able to pick up on various things. I love when people confirm the things that I say. Even better when they apologize when they know I'm going to be right. I'm not just a physics and math nerd, I'm a person who has lived through many things...I figure things out.

2) 2013 is going to happen. My friend from Russia is coming to visit me. I am quite excited about this. I mean quite excited...I am beyond joyful for this. As everyone knows I love Russian Culture. Communism sucks!, but we have to admit, the Soviet Anthem rocks!

3) I clearly need to re-take all the logic classes I've taken. A constitutional amendment has been proven unconstitutional. Well, it did go to the 9th court in California....it was doomed from the start. Prop 8 was overturned, you can read the article here...The will of the people in California once again is overturned. I'll say it again, since it bears repeating MARRIAGE IS NOT A RIGHT FOR ANYONE! NO ONE IS ENTITLED TO BE MARRIED! If I were president, I would get the state COMPLETELY out of the marriage business. People just don't get it. The people that are pro-traditonal marriage do NOT know who to articulate this point.

7/2) Rick Santorum kicked total booty today :). I hope he's the nominee.

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