28 February 2012

7/2 Time Out Tues. Vol 6.

hosted by AOA

1) It is one thing to recognize that problems come from the lack of morality. It is another thing entirely to legislate it. Rick Santorum is not going to legislate morality as president. Contraception will not be banned, Sodomy will not be banned. Anything restricting rights will not be banned. The problem is that people treat contraception as a right when it is not. (It is a commodity). Abortion is the denial of life, so yes, that could be banned. The following are not rights: marriage, contraception, Abortion, extra-ordinary means of health care, and should not be treated as rights....

2) Some people do not realize how much that I care for them. I don't just say the things that I say for my own benefit. I say what needs to be said because ultimately I care about my friends and their well being. I just often wish, they'd listen more often to the advice that I give them. Especially when I've proven myself to be right on more than one occasion.

3) Youtube....thank God for it. I've found some of my favourite old cartoons as a kid.

7/2) Lent 2012 = Epic fail...fortunately there's time to keep going :)....Explain more later.


  1. Good #1, Joe. Not nearly enough people put any thought into what is a "right" and what is merely free will.

  2. Of course not..to do that would require the use of a brain...most people don't do that now and days


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