14 February 2012

7/2 Time out Tuesday Vol 5 Hallmark Inc Day Edition

LarryD over at AOA is your gracious host

1) Yes, I do have a Valentine. Yes, I still hate this day. Some actual background though. St Valentine was a priest during the Roman Persecutions. He got decapitated for marrying people against the wishes of the roman emperor at the time. So he is a martyr for the Faith, and upholding the dignity of marriage. I guess that's pretty cool. I still hate the day

2) I must say, I think the real reason St Valentine got cut from the calendar....Someone in Hallmark was a Catholic (and female) and decided to make business sense and find a way to get guys to buy gifts for their ladies. It's worked, and thus St Valentine got cut from the calendar.

3) Well, a couple of weeks ago. I found out that my Russian friend Masha is coming to visit me next year. She of course asked me to be her valentine. To which I couldn't say no....even if I hate the holiday with a passion unlike any other. If you're expecting me to put pics on here. Not going to happen :p

7/2) It was on this day last year that I was basically told to leave the order that I was in. No need for me to go into details, but no one insults me and gets away with it. I don't care who you are :D...how times have changed.

Until next week.


  1. I'd still like to see you become a priest. Of course, my opinion and 50 cents won't buy you much of anything.

  2. I remember when 50 cent bought candy...not anymore of course.


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