18 November 2012

New weekly feature----Weekly Intentions

Yes, I'm Catholic, of course I used to write a whole bunch on the Faith, alas that will be coming back at the beginning of Advent...vote in the poll if you haven't :)

I'm doing a weekly intentions feature, I'll list some of my intentions (for the week...i'll list 7), and by commenting, e-mailing or tweeting me, I will pray for your intentions as well :)...Prayer is one of the most powerful weapons we have in this fight against evil...let's use it.

My intentions for week ...

1) For the conversion of sinners back to the Faith
2) For the prosperous marriage of my friends Daniel and Vangie
3) For an increase in fidelity to the rubrics of Holy Mother Church
4) For His Divine Will to be accomplished.
5) For an increase in vocations...to all states of life
6) For the repose of the souls of all those forgotten.
7) For unification between the Russian Orthodox and Roman Churches.

Tell me your intentions, and I will remember them in prayer, and during the Liturgy of the Hours, Mass, etc.

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