06 November 2012

7/2 Timeout Tuesday...the non-election version

Thanks to AOA for being our host once again....

1) I must say, last week in Confession, somethings were placed into perspective for me. Our Lord was spat upon, mocked, abused at the first Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Yet St John and Our Blessed Mother did not leave the Cross, nor have their faith shaken. Just something to think about if you're stuck in a parish with ridiculous amounts of Liturgical Abuses....definitely brought some humility to a person that needed it.

2) I'm very excited for 2 of my good friends who will be getting married in a couple of weeks. I've known them for a long time, and look forward to giving the best man address....I guess I should avoid all sarcastic remarks and actually say something nice about them. But that would totally be not keeping in tune with my character.

3) One of the best compliments I have received lately was about me doing Calculus. Apparently, I was able to do a series problem on command. Proof that even the craziest mathematician has his moments of awesomeness.

7/2) It is extremely difficult being fluent in math and physics in 2 languages. Really it is, I think in Russian, and teach in English, it's rather difficult at times. It makes me very appreciative of Mrs. M for assisting me in English....I know how she feels now, now that I have that knowledge :). God Bless Mrs. M :D


  1. I enjoyed your post, especially the improper fraction. When I was in my 20s I used to teach ESL to engineers and IT workers, and it seemed as if they could always remember the technical English but not things like how to ask for soup in a restaurant. I have moments now when I can remember a word and all its synonyms - but not in the language I'm supposed to be speaking.

    I wish you well with your toast to the bride and groom. By all means keep your sarcasm at bay; you can never mar the event with kind words and sincerity. :)

  2. :), it's funny when those moments come...they're coming more often than I realize.

    I'm hopeful all the words I have will be good ones.


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