03 July 2012

7/2 Time Out Tuesday....The Independence day version (or so what some think)

as always AOA is our gracious host.

1) Tomorrow is of course July 4th. Which gives me an excuse to make fireworks. But alas no materials to do so this year. So I thus have relatively creative solution for this "problem"....Oops, I better not say anything....that could get me...

2) In Grangeville, ID, we have something called border days....I must say, my taste buds have been satisfied quite nicely....While I'm not going to pull a Father Z, here's a sample of nom noms :D...

3) There are 3 dates I have in mind for a marriage potentially....more discussion about this on a later date.

7/2) I'm sitting here outside, and I would have sworn I saw my ex best friend. But I know she would not make it to Idaho to come see me. I know that for a fact!

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