17 July 2012

Updates, and things people have wanted to ask, but think I'd probably kill them (and they're right)

I probably should update this blog more often with my thoughts...however I travel a lot for work, so finding internet is sketchy at best :p....anyways, here we go with the update things.

a. Some people are probably wondering why I haven't updated the blog. Here's the reason: For work I do a lot of travelling, and finding internet has been difficult to say the least. It'd be nice to be able to sit and write for a change. Of course there's a drawback, I don't have an office or any kind of portable scanner. That does suck :p...means that work for some of my classes can't get done. 

b. Sometimes, I think God purposely sits and waits til the last minute for things. I had been praying for summer work to show up...It got close to me being evicted from my apartment. But now all is well, I get to travel, and be paid to do so...so it's a good thing. Do however pray that a job in my actual field (math and physics) shows up though. I don't like not using the things that I've learned :).

c. I really believe that all problems are meant to have a solution. Often proposed solutions are worse than the problem itself....The jobs that I have been doing haven't been much, but I realize how much a knowledge of physics would help these people. The systems that are made are often made at points where there shouldn't be stress....but anyways, ranting aside. 

Onto part 2...the questions I know people want answered, but are afraid to ask. 

1. Joe, I notice this zombified look, what can I do to fix it? 

A. Absolutely nothing. The only reason I bring out the "look of death" is probably because of the fact that whoever is getting that look has done something that I don't like. To which the immediate reply is, how is dating (insert intruders name) worth the look of death? Well, in short, that would require me to reveal things at this blog that I'm NOT comfortable telling the general public. Deep down the answer to the question is completely obvious.....But if you really want to know the answer....ask....and the answer shall be given. 

2. Why is it that you do x in one group of settings, but y in a different group?

A. In certain situations, it is easier to be myself than in others. I do not believe in the over indulgence of things. I think that all recreational activities should be done in moderation. Drinking included. Yes, I'll have a beer or a glass of wine, but no, I will not get drunk off of it. I like fun just like anyone else. I simply know boundaries and stick to them...

3. Do you know the solution to your vocation crisis yet?

A. Well, THAT shall be revealed in due time...as for now, keep praying....And while you may think due time is now, it isn't. Emmy and I have a deal in place...for this...and I know that she'll do a good job at what she has asked to be involved in :).

4. I haven't heard your thoughts on Church issues much...

A. Well, I do have a lot of backed up entries....don't worry, I'm still Catholic, and go to Mass weekly :)

5. I can add driving a motorhome to my list of accomplishments...along with having a few different beers.....

Hope that all of you are doing well.

Pax Vobis

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