18 July 2012

I would have sworn...

a. That 1 of the commandments went  something along the lines of this:

10. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbors goods.

What I find interesting is this perpetuated class warfare is a form of envy (One of the 7 deadly sins).

It is not wrong to be successful. It is not wrong to do with money as one wishes. I don't see why people are mad at Mittens for doing with money what he wants. It is his money. The fact that he decides to put some money to avoid taxes....If any of us were in the same positon we'd likely do the same thing...It makes sense to keep as much money as possible.

b. That tax dollars fund congresses salaries...so of course they're going to buy their own things on our dime.

c. That getting up in the morning was supposed to be difficult

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