06 November 2011

Epic Failures of Society

1. Justin Bieber....just because
2. Barack Obama...honestly, how can you think a man can give you everything you want. He's not God, heck, he's not even Christian, dude only worships himself. Anyone who voted for Zero should have any degrees or diplomas revoked, since clearly you didn't have enough intelligence to see through the guy.
3. Evangelization...All of us fail at this. The biggest enemy to there being more Catholics, is Catholics themselves. Of the many things we insight about...altar girls, Communion in the Hand, Ad Orientem, etc. All of these things being important don't get me wrong, but how about we start by looking in the mirror and seeing how we can be better before we start fighting over things.
4. Moral compass...Honestly, how can someone not recognize the fact that a human life begins at conception. This is obvious. Humans don't produce monkeys (No, kids bouncing off the walls does not equate them to monkeys.) How can we equate things that aren't equal. Sorry, so called gay marriage is not equal to real marriage. Period. There is no argument that you can pull that will change that fact. In order for things to be equal they have to produce the same result. The issues could go on.
5. Government in general....We've become enslaved to entitlements. We must have, since when were we entitled to anything? Heck, we're not even entitled to heaven! Our landing in heaven is dependent on God's grace, and our cooperation with it. Problems are best handled at the local level...period. Government has created a new form of slavery/robbery and is very successful.
6. Occupy Wall Street..Really, Wall street is a mere symptom of the real problem....if you want to be productive, don't go to wall street, go to congress. or better yet, VOTE THEM OUT OF OFFICE!


7. Anyone who believes F = ma. Acceleration does not cause force. Acceleration is a description of motion. Force is a cause of a change in motion. The logical way to write Newton's 2nd Law is a = F/m, not the other way around. I could rant on that, but why....
8. Glee...another just because
9. The environmental movement...Plants and animals don't equal humans. sorry.

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