13 November 2011

Some updating...continued.

a. Hindsight is always 20/20

At this point last year, I was discerning to be a priest and of course fighting the temptations that came along with it. I must say that I learned a ton. At the time that I found out about me leaving the order, I was a bit distraught, but as usual, God knows much better than me.

I am happy to say that I'm in a relationship with a wonderful girl that I've met here in Idaho. I remember when i was debating about the decision to ask her out, I don't regret giving her a chance. It has proven to be a very good thing for me.

I had opportunity to talk with my former postulant master for a bit today. Finally that I am on my feet and a bit more comfortable in where I am spiritually, I made the call. He was glad to hear that I was doing well and about where i am in my own discernment. I finally had the chance to thank him for giving the opportunity to discern with the order, and to test my call. In all opportunities, God has his hand right in front, showing us something. I hold no anger towards any of the friends that I made while I was on east coast...Initially things are difficult. But God heals.

b. Kathleen

Is wonderful...details and pictures later

c. Pray for me...I need it :D

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