23 November 2011

Some thoughts...

a. The dignity of the person is violated when things become strictly about politics.

I am without a doubt 100% pro-Life from conception to natural death. The problem with the pro-Life movement is that it seems to be a merely political thing. That is to say instead of trying to change the culture (which is what we're called to do)...it's just a mere ploy for political gain.

To make matters worse, there are divisions within the pro-Life group. There are some that are against abortion, but pro-contraception. There are others that are for various other crimes against life. The ONLY way that the pro-Life movement is going to be successful is if it succeeds in changing the CULTURE. Not just for a political gain of some type.

b. Why re-invent the wheel?

This coming sunday in English speaking Catholic Churches there will be the new translation of the 3rd edition of the Roman Missal in the Ordinary Form...It got me to thinking, why are we re-inventing the wheel? Why don't we just use Latin...and let people have whatever translation they want. After all, the Mass isn't addressed to us for the most part anyway. I know in many places we've heard this "it's about us" attitude, but it really isn't. It's about the worship that is due unto God. It is Calvary made ananmesis. So, as to avoid having to learn something else, I'll just reply in Latin...no need for a translation.

c. Why do women have to be so confusing?

Here's the thing. If someone says something, I take them at face value. If you say that you love me, then I accept that. You can't merely expect to do a complete flip of personality within time. In particular, I say this because it's one of my biggest annoyances: If you're not ready for something, don't jump into it. Don't jump in and later find out. Hearts will be broken in the process it's better to wait and fully be prepared than to jump in and have to jump out because of something. All of us have various things in our past that can hold us back to varying degrees. The past to some degree brings us to the present. It's a whole lot easier to allow people to help you overcome your past rather than break their hearts and leaving them. So yes, as of monday, my g/f broke up with me for "time" and "I still need to recover from..." (Chalk that up as time number x that I've heard the same excuse)....

d. Song lyrics

Ever had the situation where particular lyrics speak to a situation that happens?...Well, Evanescence's the change is a good song at the moment...

UPDATE: As to part e, I'll be seeing the ex tomorrow at 1:30 to hopefully iron things out and get things right. I do ask for prayers...I'm not always known for being politically correct. I really don't think that she understood how much that single action, screwed everything big time. I don't think also she realizes that I know what she's suffering with :)...of course, I'm by no means a genius...I just put pieces to a puzzle together :D


  1. Why do you think the pro-life movement is merely political?

    I agree that the pro-life movement is intertwined with politics. This has to do with the pervasiveness of the culture of death and how that is brought into politics too. I think most of those who are fighting the pro-life cause are trying to change the culture. That sometimes involves politics too. I think this is because we are so divided as a nation with regards to our values.

  2. Teresa, thanks for commenting. While this isn't true for everyone, what I mean by the pro-life movement being political is that, it's just being used for political gain, instead of change of the culture. The first present that comes to my mind when I think of this is Romney. The reason he's pro=life isn't because he wants to change the culture, but merely because he wants to get votes. :D

  3. I tend to agree with you about Romney. But, while I am leery of his pro-life position I hope he has truly converted from being pro-choice to being pro-life. Do you think the same about Chris Christie? He used to be pro-choice.

  4. I don't quite feel the same about Christe as I do about Romney.


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