14 July 2014

Unsolicited Advice where advice is needed

Rumor has it, another interview was given...Being the semi-compassionate person that I am, it's time to give some advice (This article helps a bit)

Here's some advice to help our dear friends in the Vatican Press Office/Pope Francis/G8/USCCB


To blame the media for things that are approved by the Vatican press office is absolute garbage. (Don't tell me that interviews like this are published "without approval"...I'm not buying it). The old foot in mouth problem seems to be at play here. This isn't to say that he (Pope Francis) shouldn't be allowed to speak freely....but this is the age of mass media, information travels quickly. Everyone needs to recognize this and ACT ACCORDINGLY, seriously all of this is getting ridiculous. The mind bending mental gymnastics that are being applied by the Papal Defense team to explain the obvious is outright repulsive. Call a spade a spade. When the pope is clearly speaking against Church teaching, state it as his private opinion and move on. Define the parameters in which one is working. If one needs lessons in this, just call the Emeritus Pope....he seemed to figure that part out really well.


These are intended for a private audience, and should be treated as such. They don't form any magisterial weight, although, they are quoted as such. The only things we should see are the Sunday and Holy Day Homilies, the Angelus addresses, weds audiences, and any acts as Pope or head of state. The rest need not be broadcasted. These homilies are unscripted and are not run by a theologian for orthodoxy as such it's quite possible that something heretical can be said, the idea here being to eliminate confusion.

3) If you're not going to follow the law, either, explain why, or change the law accordingly. While Church Liturgical Law isn't Divine, it is there for a reason. If one physically can't genuflect, state this is not the norm, and because of an inability. (Yet it's hard to believe when we see one kneeling on the floor to kiss the feet of a disabled person). Otherwise it will be presumed that you're placing yourself above the law and being completely arrogant about it.

4) Humility is not ostentatious. It is not forced, no need to show off to anyone. Remember that you are in control of the cameras.

5) This one is for the USCCB...Stop sleeping with the Democrats/spewing the DNC talking points.

It's not like y'all have any authority (canonically they have zero authority can can easily be blocked by a local Bishop) anyway, but I'm happy to help get you some. Pushing for amnesty for illegal immigrants is definitely not going to help you, and certainly offend those that actually did patiently wait in line to come to the country. While many can say that the system is broken, it starts by enforcing the laws that are on the books....Stop selectively reading the catechism and read the whole section on immigration. You know the part where it says a state has a right to protect its borders and he part where immigrants are to FOLLOW THE LAWS OF THE LAND. I'm happy to assist in re-catechesis in any manner I can.

6) Continuing with the USCCB, some more help....funding pro-abortion groups completely undermines your so called message for "religious liberty" Want the "Fortnight for Freedom" to work? Well start by cleaning house, ending federal money from the government and actually teaching the Catholic Faith, that would help for sure...and I'm pretty sure celebrating the Liturgy correctly would also help.

7) Lastly, for all the Common Core people posting the math problems. Common core is the standard that's being taught, not the methodology or the pedagogy. Although the methods are certainly alighted to the standards in question. We need to oppose common core for two reasons. 1. The ease of the ability to indoctrinate kids, and 2. The principle of subsidiarity, otherwise it's symptom of a problem instead of the actual problem that we're treating.

Pax Vobis

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