26 July 2014

The West and their silence

I do not find it a coincidence that the West as we know it has been virtually dead silent on the situation that's been going on in the middle east. For there to be an outrage one can't fund the situation.

It's well established that the US has been funding the rebels, those that are persecuting the Christians in the Middle East. As we've often heard it said, if you want to know why people are silent, look at the money trail.

Perhaps it's the exact same reason that our Bishops' have been silent for so long. They've been fed (read funded) by the gov't for so long, speaking out becomes biting the hand that feeds you.

Perhaps in the same manner because the West has been funding the rebels, they can't speak because knowing so, they'd be called hypocrites for funding and yet speaking out against the violence.

Perhaps it's time to re-consider where our money is going? If this is what we're funding, we're effectively funding the de-Christinization of the Middle East. Perhaps now is the time to stand up! Perhaps now is the time to take the stand.....now is the time to not only defund the rebels...but consider where our money is going as a whole.

Perhaps the only way to get our leaders to stand up....is to defund them....For it seems our dear leaders are attached to the money that feeds them and they some how manage to screw up spending...

God have mercy on us

Pax Vobis

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