18 July 2014

A disagreement with Michael Voris (it does happen from time to time)

Today's Vortex was rather interesting...but I must say I don't agree with it

Some great comments at Connecticut Catholic Corner here and Restore DC Catholicism here

Is not the constant complaint that leaders in the Church are not speaking clearly and with unambiguity? The Faith needs to be taught boldly and with clarity...is not what happening with Pope Francis and the interviews, exactly the problem? The Truth is not being spoken clearly and with unambiguity. The fact that we need help to understand him in of itself isn't the problem (all of us get misinterpreted from time to time) it's the fact that this is a constant exercise...almost seems weekly this is happening. And this is a problem. While one is easily able to get away with this in Buenos Aires, as Pope the magnifying glass is even more magnified than normal. The whole world's eyes are on Rome...and such on the Pope whether he likes it or not.

It pains all of us to mention this, it's not something that we wish to admit, but it is a problem, and something needs to be done about it. While most certainly the laity aren't in much of a position other than to pray, the Truth always must be presented.

Some may wonder, why no benefit of the doubt for Pope Francis? and Pope Benedict got off the hook for his condom fiasco? Well, here's why: a. The mind of Pope Benedict XVI was known as then Cardinal Ratzinger through his various writings and through his work at the CDF and it was something that was clearly out of its context when one listened to the quote, something immediately seemed off. b. Pope Benedict learned from his mistake...you'll notice no one misquoted him again after that. For the sake of the Church, he (Pope Benedict) spoke in such a way that he would not be misunderstood. c. We still have no clue who or what Pope Francis stands for....is he liberal? is he conservative? For the most part he remains a mystery in the sense he never fully communicates what he actually thinks on a particular issue. Yes, we've had a few good statements from our Holy Father on women's ordination and abortion, but we really haven't heard much on other issues such as gay marriage (from him AS POPE)...But we've heard plenty of "who am I to judge?" or that we're supposed to welcome illegal immigrants, and plenty on the poor, or something on economics. This is of course not to say that other issues don't need to be talked about, surely they do, but they are symptoms of a larger problem, the fundamental respect and dignity of the right belonging to Life. Without it, everything else falls. As such without the expression of these points, there's no chance TO defend him when the time comes. d. The ostentatiousness of some of his actions, whether it's been the ditching of the moezetta, not genuflecting, the constant photo ops, violating liturgical law, insert other things here. It's extremely difficult to give the benefit of the doubt, when one is trying to force themselves to be seen. It's easy to see why people are quick to say, hey something's going on here instead of waiting.

Is it possible that if one is being misunderstood that one needs to look at how the message is being communicated? Of course! That is to say it's time for the Pope to take responsibility for his own actions! Enough with blaming the media! Enough with "this is what the Pope meant to say" (NO, if he meant to say that, he would have said it)...Start reviewing things before placing them online, in particular when it comes to interviews (or better yet, stop giving them). If it seems like I'm repeating myself, I am, because it needs to be said over and over until it's understood!.

One of the spiritual gifts is discernment, and I thought this was something that was emphasized in Jesuit spirituality (Ignatian retreats), apparently this is not done before publishing things in the Vatican. It needs to be done. Get things right the first time, so we don't have to go through this "mess" (Oh wait, he did say "make a mess") Lord have mercy, Lord have mercy, Lord have mercy

Let us pray for Pope Francis, that he may turn around, lest we end up having to pray Ps 108, 8 for him instead "May his days be few: and his bishopric let another take" (And just so we're clear, ABSOLUTELY NO HARM SHOULD COME TO POPE FRANCIS....an early retirement however, would be lovely...especially if we're going to have to do this all the time)

Pax Vobis


  1. What a thoughtful take on this 'Vortex' episode. The last sentence in the first paragraph of this post nails the problem.

    Pope Francis is under the world's microscope. If he doesn't want his words to be twisted into something they're not, then he must be very, very, circumspect whether he likes it or not. How many times has "Who am I to judge?" been quoted by the Gentle Teacher/Wimp Jesus/spiritual but not religious crowd? As if Jesus did not come to redeem us, but to license our sins. No doubt Michael Voris has heard that quote thrown at him many times. Only he's equipped to throw it right back, but what about poorly-formed Catholics?

    Michael Voris, and others for that matter, work very hard to educate poorly-formed Catholics. And they care a lot for the salvation of souls. Don't, then, casual comments by the Holy Father make Voris', et.al., work all the more difficult? Many poorly-formed Catholics hear and see the Pope's actions and words reported through a press who has no love for authentic Church teaching. And like it or not, the Holy Father is an authority figure on the world stage. Therefore, it is odd to see Voris brush off the Holy Father's nonchalant comments in such an equally casual manner. In this ‘Vortex’ episode, Michael Voris looks like he’s ignoring the fact that many Catholics are not as well educated in the faith as he is. It looked more like Voris was twisting himself into a pretzel so as not to state the obvious: The Holy Father needs to be circumspect.

    It's difficult to disagree with Michael Voris on matter in defense of the Faith. But this type of defense of the Holy Father is questionable.

  2. Thank you for reading Tuleesh, it is very much true for those that are not equipped with the ability to defend the Faith, that Pope Francis needs to be clearer....It is very odd for someone who is usually dead on (Voris) with his criticisms and various other things to watch him use mental gymnastics to not state the obvious. It would be easier for him (he has a pulpit that other apostolates do not) to state the obvious, then explain why discernment is necessary. I do understand his position, and he's free to hold it, but at some point he (and everyone else) doing the mental gymnastics will run out of room to twist themselves.

  3. Yes. It is important to state the facts of a situation in humbleness. And as you state, "explain why discernment is necessary." Otherwise, a person might sound condescending. Perhaps defensive [even though they are neither]. Which is not a good thing.

  4. Indeed so, troubling times that we're in.


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