15 January 2014

What I learned Weds # 2 I think

I had been intending to join my friend Emmy, and her what I've learned Weds, but I've been extremely lazy at blogging, and since I'm even lazier to change the icon to a guy kneeling, I won't :p

Thus here we go:

1) Cats do have hearts. In spite of them thinking that they rule the universe (and let's not get it twisted, they do)...just look at this cute kitty :)...after 3 weeks of not seeing me, and being cat sit by a friend of mine, here's what I come to :)

2) In the Byzantine Liturgy, there are multiple ways of celebrating it. In the Russian tradition they sing the troparia (plural of troparian) of both the Sunday proper and of the Saint that is being celebrated each Sunday. Like Last Sunday they sung the psalm for both the Sunday after Theophany and St Tatyana. In the Ruthenian Byzantine tradition, they do not do this, with the exception of solemn feast days.

3) For those of you that know me, IRL, know my trust of people is extremely thin. It has nothing to do with this post actually. The third is that, I'm actually better at Russian than I thought, and I'm making fewer mistakes....the un-announced big announcement will come later. Do keep praying for me :)

Until next time

Pax Vobis


  1. Hello meen, I've been following your blog for almost 6 months now without leaving any comment so I decided to quickly say hi today, just so you know you've got a fan somewhere. LOL. Your blog makes sense to me just like http://danieluyi.com, another similarly interesting blog that I'm also a fan of.

    Keep it up.

  2. Hi Daniel, thanks for commenting and the encouragement, Pax Tecum



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