27 January 2014

There is such temptation

To give up when things go wrong, or when every little thing goes south. I'm generally not very open with my personal life on this blog, seeing as my life is personal and I'd rather you not know about it. It's also been said, people can't pray for what they don't know, so this is true too...

1) My adorable kitty, the lovely Tatyana has gone missing...:(, and I hope that she comes home soon. (And if you're playing with her St Francis, not funny, not funny at all dude, you do not take away a man's cat :D)...so please pray for her safe return to her human. Her human absolutely misses her.

2) Being part time means that things are not guaranteed. Such is the situation now. So do pray for something to come up. Alas, I'm not the government and can't print my way to happiness.

3) Another situation I'd also like you to pray for is something that I really don't want to discuss, but will perhaps on another date.

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