16 January 2014


Sometimes demands that we do things that we don't wish to do. It doesn't mean being nice all the time. It most certainly doesn't mean being a push over. Charity is the highest form of love (agape)..the Love that God has for us. Love that is unconditional. Charity demands sometimes correcting people of their errors, or pointing them in the right direction. Charity demands that we not be indifferent towards things, and most certainly charity demands that we  this:

 Cardinal Burke at a protest for gay marriage bill in Italy (Goes to show that love of the Liturgy is not opposed to public action, and love of the poor)

But it most certainly does not demand that we do this: Cardinal O'Malley at a protestant service (oops, I mean so called eccumenical gathering) receiving a blessing of some kind...Religious indifferentism....and he's apart of G8...Господи помилуй!

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