07 January 2014

Hoping in things of this world...

Is not a good idea. Temporal things well are temporary, they go away. Doesn't matter what they are, whether it's a job, marriage, research, whatever, these things are all temporary as in the sense that once one dies, they're gone.

Since it's the new year of course it is popular to make new years' resolutions. The reason people fail is not because of any bad intention, but they do not ask for the graces as to fulfill various tasks. That is to say on our own, we can't do anything, but with God's grace all things are possible.

While most certainly all things that we do are not dictate commands by the Holy Spirit (actually, I'd make an argument that the vast majority of things that we do are not commanded by the Holy Spirit)...we totally have free will....Certainly the Holy Spirit wants us to get to heaven.

By putting supernatural faith in things of this world, we make idols out of them, and as thus become material worshipers instead of worshipping the Trinity. We can put natural faith, as natural faith is necessary to function in society.....

But always remember, Faith in God first, Hope in the Holy Trinity, and God will never let you down.

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