26 June 2013

My thoughts on DOMA and Prop 8 are coming

but not yet...I want to rest and get my thoughts organized before presenting them to you. :)


  1. What I don't see anyone talking about is the effect of both New Marriage and Obamacare on Catholics in the economic life of our nation.

    New Marriage and Obamacare both require certain people to formally recognize and cooperate with evils.

    These certain people are anyone and everyone in positions of public or private authority. Business owners. Managers at almost every level. Clerks and secretaries processing personnel actions or filings. This effects both government workers as well as those in the private sector.

    Will faithful Catholics still be able to own businesses>

    Will faithful Catholics be able to serve in positions of responsibility within businesses or within the government, wherein their duty requires them to extend benefits or otherwise formally recognize evils?

    I think the majority of priest and bishops will grant Catholics the right to continue to retain offices of responsibilities despite New Marriage and Obamacare. Mainstream Catholic theologians will craft opinions stating that the cooperation is not "formal" or other such language.

    A few priests (mainly from the traditionalist groups) and maybe a bishop or two (although I doubt it) will correctly identify the moral consequences and dangers of Catholics in this new world.

    Few Catholics are truly "faithful" even prior to the Obamacare and New Marriage laws. But among these "faithful" some will participate in the new world. Others will not.

    It's frightening to think that new generations of truly faithful Catholics will be shut out almost entirely from the economic life of the nation. They will be ghettoized into a few spheres of the economy where cooperation with Obamacare and New Marraige is very limited. Eschewing positions of management responsibility within public and private bodies. And never being able to be proprietors of their own enterprises. Unless those enterprises are very very small and limited in scope.

  2. Indeed so!, we are not bound to obey an unjust law...I hope to get to this very topic soon,w hat's next for us, God bless you!...persecution is coming, prepare :D


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