10 April 2013

Thought of the day

It is a temptation to get so caught up in the intellectual world, that one forgets to live out what the intellect knows. This is not to say there is such a thing as too much intellect, rather, it's to say that our own minds can become idols if we are not careful.


  1. I read somewhere a quote from I think St. John of the Cross regarding three theological virtues and the three human faculties of intellect, memory and will. It went something like, "Faith strengthens our intellect, Hope heals our memory, and Charity purifies our will." St. Paul describes Faith, Hope, and Charity as building from lesser to greater in importance, right? I think many good Catholics have only an intellectual Faith. We thirst for knowledge, natural and supernatural. We can be slow to translate our Faith into Hope (healing ourselves) and especially into Charity (being a source of healing and kindness to others).

  2. George, sounds absolutely right :)


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