06 April 2013

Random thoughts on a bus ride home

  • It's a little more than deja vu...it's more like down right nightmare...Pray for my sister, she's having surgery next week....Not so good memories still haunt me.
It seems that my friend Emmy and I have a new developed routine every time I visit...food and a church...We ended up at St Monica's in the beautiful city of Santa Monica.....Here's a picture of St Therese and of the altar. 

  • So I hear North Korea wants to start nuking the US...Kim does realize the fact that we can turn North Korea into a parking lot within 30 seconds right? Kim, go have a snickers...
  • My friend said I have tons of patience around kids and should avoid letting that being taken advantage of....probably good advice.
  • Pray, pray, pray.....things are about to get interesting

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