30 April 2013

In the news....

a. The Gosnell trials

I really don't have words to describe the horrors that happened in the murder factory (I refuse to acknowledge such places as doctor's offices). Apparently there are closing arguments going on. I have not kept up much on the trials, but I do know one thing:

I have zero confidence in the justice system, if OJ can be found innocent, anything can happen.

A doctor does not kill intentionally, there is no such thing as an "abortion doctor"

b. Jason Collins? Who

Don't tell me it's "brave" to tell the world who you choose to sleep with. Apparently gets a congratulatory phone call from the occupants in the white house. Who one chooses to sleep with is not anyone's business. It's kind of funny, an issue that would have been ignored or no big deal is now made a big deal now that it's in public. Again, it's the seeking of public approval of things that are not required to be approved by anyone. It was bad enough when Griner came out the other week. The hilarious thing is that we know that these people have these inclinations for the most part and these public revelations are not shocking.

c. Boston, Texas

Further proof that the gov't should not run health insurance, hospitals, etc. They can't even catch the guys WHEN THEY HAVE THE INFORMATION. They should have never been let into the country in the first place.

d. Prayer Requests

If y'all in your charity can continue to pray for my sister, I'd really appreciate it....and for a special intention which I will mention in public later.


  1. I'm straight.

    Where's my news conference?

  2. LarryD, hmmm, not sure, you should probably call ESPN about a special...I'm still waiting on my WH Phone call ;)

  3. Your sister is in my prayers!


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