14 April 2013

The Three Little Pigs: A revision

 Once upon a time there were 3 little pigs. One lived in a house of straw, the other wood, and the last one brick. There was a wolf who was prowling the forest and found the 3 houses next to each other. The wolf knocks on the house made of straw, then puffs the house down....The pig was sleep and awoke to no house. The pig got turned into many porkchops and was delicious. Yet the wolf was not satisfied. And so the wolf goes to the wood house again to find the pig sleep, and the wolf blows the wood house down...The pig got turned into many baby back ribs with barbeque sauce, and yet the wolf was still not satisfied. And so lastly came the house of bricks which of course could not be blown down, so the wolf goes into the house, takes the pig alive and turns him into glorious bacon...and the wolf after finishing the bacon says, "and now I am satisfied." and heads to sleep...The end :p

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