23 June 2012

Not so random thoughts

a. There are times when people are the presence of Christ when it so seems that Christ has abandoned someone. Perhaps I haven't been appreciative of that fact that when I my mom died nearly 10 years ago (as of next friday) through my ex best friend, God was present. I'll just come out and say it, I would give nearly anything to have this friend back in my life. I must say trying to rebuild a burnt bridge is extremely difficult and is a huge cross for me. I highly doubt that she reads this blog, but if she does read this, I hope that she knows I am sincerely sorry for everything that has happened, all that I've said, and all that I have done.

b. The body and mind don't always cooperate. As I'm getting older, this is becoming more apparent.

c. When I am world dictator, I will slow down the crime rate, by putting inmates in pink jump suits, and playing Justin Bieber in the prison everyday on full blast. I'm sure the annoyance will bring down the crime rate immediately...and if that doesn't work...Rebecca Black...any resulting hearing loss, I am not responsible for.

d. The look of death, is given in particular when I've voiced an opinion, and the contrary is done. There is no way to eliminate it. Of course it's probably true that whoever gets the look of death has been "listed."

e. I won't be praying any of the official prayers from the USCCB for the "Fortnight for freedom." I will  however be praying this during the fortnight:

Oremus, Deus, refugium nostrum et virtus, populu ad te clamantem propitius respice; et intercedente gloriosa et imaculata Virgine Dei Denitrice Maria cum beato Joseph, ejus Sponso, ac beatis Apostoplis tuis Petro et Paulo, et omnibus Sanctis quas pro conversione peccatorum, pro liberate et ealtatione sactae Matris Ecclesiae preces effundimus misericors et benignus exaudi. Per eundum Christum Dominum Nostrum Amen.

Let us pray: O God, our refuge and our strength, ook down in mercy on Thy people who cry to Thee, and by the intercession of the glorious and immaculate Virgin mary, Mother of God, of St Joseph her spouse, of Thy blessed Apostles Peter and Paul and all of the saints, in mercy and goodness her our prayers for the conversion of sinners and for the  liberty and exaltation of our holy Mother the Church. Through the same Christ Our Lord Amen

I like this one better than the official prayers.

f. I beg of thee humble readers for prayers for a particular intention. Especially for the Holy Father, and priests...a few for me can't hurt either :p.

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