12 June 2012

7/2 Timeout Tuesday: The Constructive Criticism version

h/t to AOA

1) The Church vocation "crisis"

I love how there are panels to try and solve problems that are blatantly obvious. The solution is quite simple, and it doesn't take someone with a degree in theology to figure it out...

a. The Truth is attractive in of itself because it is written on everyone's heart. Preach the Truth, that is the Catholic Faith, all of it, not the feminized, whimpy, insert liberal word here version of Catholicism, but the full authentic Faith. Why would anyone be attracted to a vocation that is confused about its own identity? It doesn't seem to make sense to leave confusion for more confusion. The vocation of priesthood is unique, and that needs to be emphasized. It's not a glorified community organizer. The priest offers sacrifice, he does not "preside" over the community. This is more evident in the TLM than the NO. And quit with the political correctness while it's on my mind.

b. The discipline in the Roman Church is that priests be celibate. But with the influx of the Anglican Ordinate, and many converts that were allowed to be ordained to the priesthood. Perhaps there may be a slight jealousy or antagonism towards those that have this exception. But really, something to think about, if this discipline were changed, it would be applied as it is in the Eastern Churches: That people must be married before ordination, and not after. While this move would open up many more candidates for the possibility of ordination, really in the theological perspective of the Roman Church, a married priesthood doesn't fit, where as in the Eastern Churches it does. Focus on the faithfulness to the traditions handed down before, not re-inventing the wheel

2) Be appreciative of stuff

a. I must admit when I read certain blogs, I often think to myself, how can these people live? I'm by no means the next coming of St Therese (though I have a huge stubborn streak), I have many many many faults, but I don't see why people don't realize what a great thing a first TLM is, or when a Bishop actually does something right. Believe me, I know, I'm quite pessimistic, but considering the state of the Church a mere 10 years ago, I'd say things are slowly working their way back to normalcy.

b. Recognizing the state of affairs is extremely important. The Church by no means moves fast like on a California freeway. The Church drives -10 mph in an 80 mph zone. Believe me, there's a reason why I'm not a Bishop or a priest. I'd piss everyone off by doing virtually everything us arm chair Bishops do.

3) I would never promote the killing of any...

human being...but I admit, I totally started laughing at this...(sensitive language alert)

7/2) I must say it is annoying when people mispronounce Russian names. Maria Sharapova is at the top of my names you need to say correctly...Here is the proper pronunciation

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  1. Good post, Joe. Although I think that if it had been God's wish, you would have made a great priest.


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