24 April 2012

7/2 Time out Tuesday...The don't piss me off edition.

Graciously hosted by AOA

1) You know, I've been though a lot as a kid. I got picked on...so I tend to be rather defensive when people start attacking my person. I will find out who you are, and I will put a stop to whatever is being said about my person...In this case...someone walking around claiming that they're my g/f......Be warned...I'm GOING to find out who you are and put an end to it...

2) I'm a bit of a perfectionist..if you doubt me or say I can't do something...that provides fuel to prove you wrong :D. You should see how much scratch work was thrown away just because my R or my theta didn't look correct.

3) Did I fail to mention how much I love Jordan Pruitt?...In case I haven't mentioned her enough...here's another song by her :)...Fluidity and effortlessness...I heard that this was the original and Rhianna did a cover of this...but I could be wrong.

7/2...I have another problem I've solved...here's another fully worked out solution to a circuit problem from my physics book. This is problem with 3 resistors in parallel, and the problem wants us to find total resistance, total current, and current for all 3 resistors which have same resistance. In parallel circuits, current divides and the potential difference doesn't change.


  1. Cool! The physics problem is back!

    Don't forget to link back to the linky thing...

  2. Re #2: pencils & erasers = bad?

  3. Scott, yes, pencils and erasers are evil :p


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