17 April 2012

7/2 Time out Tuesday Vol XII decisions edition.

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1) Effective 04/27/2012...my Facebook profile will be deleted. Timeline was the last straw. The fact that you absolutely must allow thing x,y, z in order for said app to work. Timeline was the last straw. Not that there's anything to hide, but I did like the fact that history button didn't exist on facebook. Now that it does..I've decided to ditch facebook completely. I will be using google+, twitter, plurk as my social media.

2) So, I hear the SSPX may have signed the preamble....Deo Gratias! I can't wait for them to be regularized in the Church. It will do a lot of good for the Church as a whole. Great decision SSPX :D

3) As the Liturgical umm perfectionist that I am...someone asked me what settings I'd use if I did get married...here they are...

7/2) There will be another annoucement...in 2 weeks or so...stay tuned. 

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