10 April 2012

7/2 TIme Out Tuesday Vol XI

the usual host AOA

1) I hope that all of you had a blessed Easter...Mine was a replay from the 1970's (please put down any drinks and or anything in your hands before viewing this video...)...I kid you not "Lord of the Dance" was our recessional hymn...Epic, epic fail by the "Liturgy committee"...somethings really aren't meant to be sung in Church...this is one of them.

2) There will be a big announcement coming in the near weeks....stay tuned....it's BIG....

3) Hopefully I'll finish video editing....it's going to take a while..

7/2) No IQ update this week....Lots to think about....keeping things short and sweet this week. 


  1. Ew. Just ew. They played that at the Mass for all those buried in the cemetery in April (my father-in-law among them).

  2. Ugh - that video is best not viewed at all, and definitely not at 6:30 in the morning.

    Looking forward to the big announcement Joe...


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