06 March 2012

7/2 Time Out Tuesday....Vol 7

hosted by AOA

1) I'm sure the MSM has been paying no attention to the Cold Case Posse down in Arizona. So let me share the video...No commentary...just listen...it will be a while.

2) Sandra Fluke and Rush Limbaugh....If you don't like what people have to say...don't listen to them. It's called free speech. A friendly reminder from the bill of no rights: (which should be an official document by the way.

"You do not have the right to never be offended."
This country is based on freedom, and that means the freedom for everyone, not just you! You may leave the room, turn the channel, express a different opinion, etc., but the world is full of idiots and probably always will be.
What people say may very well be offensive and wrong. But they do have a right to say it. Do I agree with everything Rush said. Absolutely not. I do believe has has the right to say it though. If you don't like the language...change the channel.

3) This guy rocks:

7/2) Father Z wrote an excellent entry on why the religious model isn't good for the state to follow:

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