27 March 2012

7/2 Time Out Tuesday Vol X

hosted by AOA

1) I made a very short video...I hope to do more of these...probably not at 10 pm at night though :p. 

2) On slightly more serious note, a few people you should keep in prayer:

a. This guy 

@Realbrother0003 on twitter...The lack of love is obvious. It's rather incomprehensible to me that someone can be filled with that much hate towards people. I'm no people person by any means, but I do not hate anyone to the degree that this guy does...if you're not following me @japotillorjr...you should :D (yes, I changed my name from @verbumveritatis, I have my reasons)

b. One of my friends from back home. She is doing well, and her surgery for cancer went well. Just pray for no further complications. 

3) Not all of you may be into this style, but the other JP as I refer to her has, has a nice new song :)

7/2) TIme to boost the IQ of 7/2 TOT....again


  1. Ha ha on 7/2 - will the final exam be open book? Hopefully?

  2. Hey, JP, believe it or not, we've actually known the other JP and her family since she was a little girl (she could sing her heart even back then). Thanks for sending some love her way, her talent is criminally underappreciated.

  3. Eagahinc, awesome, no problem at all. I've been a fan of hers ever since she first came out. Her talent is really underappreciated. I wish tere were more like her. I promote her work when I can :)....


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