20 March 2012

7/2 Time Out Tuesday Vol 9.

Hosted by AOA

1) Yesterday was the solemnity of St Joseph. I took Joseph as my Confirmation Saint name. And it's pretty cool that the Holy Father has the name Joseph as well. So a belated Solemnity to all of you and hopefully all of you had a good one.
2) Because it was a solemnity yesterday...I tried my hand at baking. Unfortunately, I didn't have any mixing bowls until today...thus the cake comes one day late...Here are the photos to prove it. 

3) To solve this right's issue once and for all...I've made a simple check list...with some definitions to help. As you can see, none of the listed issues are rights....even though they may pass pieces of a check list. 

7/2) I apparently gained a ton of followers on my twitter page. Apparently there are people that like the fact that I took some racist to school on twitter. Welcome to my world...throwing common sense at people for 26 years and counting...


  1. Good on you for defending the truth, Joe.

    So how'd the cakes taste?

  2. The cakes came out excellent...I feel like Fr Z when I'm sharing my cooking

  3. The cakes really do look great.


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