13 March 2012

7/2 Time Out Tuesday Vol 8

Hosted by AOA

This week will be summed up in pictures....

1) Here is an old picture of me from high school...I'm the tallest one in the picture...I learned more about physics from my HS Geometry class than I did in any of my college classes. Of course, my HS math teacher is a physicist and has forgotten more about physics than I'll ever be able to tell you. (She'd say the same thing about me oddly)

2) Since I don't believe in political correctness...or for that matter...the government telling me what sized candy bar I can buy...

3) One solution....A fun problem finding the angle between magnetic field

7/2) and another....finding the sum of forces on q2


  1. Joe - you've raised the overall IQ of 3.5 with those physics problems by about 100 pts...

  2. LarryD, haha...it's going to be maintime...7 takes doesn't have this ;)


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