01 January 2017

Prayer of St Basil the Great

Lord my God, I thank you; for you have not rejected me, a sinner, but have made me worthy to be a partaker of your holy mysteries. I thank you for allowing me, unworthy as I am, to be a partaker of your most pure and heavenly gifts. O Lord who love us all, you died and rose for our sake, and you have given us these awesome and life-creating mysteries for the benefit and sanctification of our souls and bodies. Grant that they may bring about the healing of my soul and body; the defeat of every enemy; the enlightenment of the eyes of my heart; the calming of my thoughts and emotions; a faith that cannot be confounded; a love that does not pretend; a wisdom that overflows; the full observance of your commandments; the increase of y o ru divine grace; and citizenship in your kingdom. Being preserved in your holiness by them, I will remember your love at all times. I will live no longer for myself, but for you, my Lord and Benefactor. Thus, having spent my earthly life in the hope of life without end, I will attain eternal rest where the sound of rejoicing never ceases, where the delight of those who gaze upon the beauty of your face cannot be expressed. For you, Christ our God are our true desire, and the inexpressible joy of those who love you; and all creation glorifies you forever. Amen.

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