31 December 2016

2016: Concluding thoughts

Well, this year has been an interesting one, much has been taught, much has been learned, and there is much to go through still, I suppose now would be a good time to reflect on some end of the year thoughts.

a. People are extremely good at projecting intentions and thoughts where they do not exist.

More often times than not, I have observed not just over the election period, but virtually anything (even from Pope Francis) these days, that there's an instantaneous reach for the heart, to be the judge, jury, and executioner, rather than the ear that listens to the various ideas and words that are said, and look to either learn, or in charity, correct those ideas or thoughts.

It's an absolute embarrassment to see things proclaimed to be "insert your favourite buzzword here" without any actual substance behind the words. Not that I had much hope for the future, as I constantly say here, if you're going to say something, be able to back it up with actual evidence instead of emotional reason.

b. The idea of safe spaces is absolutely stupid for those that do not have conditions that warreant such things.

There are serious conditions where people actually do need this type of thing, but just because something doesn't make you feel good, or one disagrees with someone, doesn't automatically imply that one needs a place to feel better. Pretty much everywhere is a so called safe space for those that have any leaning towards the left because virutally everywhere is dominated by those that lean left. I think the world would be quite boring if we all agreed. It's hard enough to get two peole to agree to something let alone a whole population. Maybe I'm strange, but I think the exchange of ideas is a good th ing, but that only works if we listen to one another.

c. Pope Francis really needs to zip his mouth...

There's not a day that goes by that I don't hear something said by His Holiness that makes me go, huh, what? zip it!, where did you get your chemistry degree again? Whether it be the constant insults, training priests to be involved in so-called "man made climate change" TM, seems quite awfully judgemental for someone who said, who am I to judge? TM As I say, not my circus when it comes to things related to him....Can he please just teach clearly and stop being so ambiguous>?

d. At the same, time people do need to realise the following:

1. The Orthodox churches and the Catholic churches (The one Church is a communion of churches) are NOT excommunicated from one another, for that matter, neither are the SSPX. If we want to be one, it requires acting like it....In many of the old countries, inter-Communion happens with the consent of the Bishops'...we just seem to be a bit behind the ball here in the west.

2. When one loses, it's not the time to whine, it's time to re-evaluate what one does, and come up with a new and effective way to approach things. Blowing things up does not accomplish this at all.

3. People should not be surprised that any patience I have is all gone. It's been that way since at least 2002.

4. The culture of individualism needs to stop. We must not forget about our families and everything that makes the circle go around, I often think that this modern culture has something wrong with it, this is it.

e. My New Years Resolutions:

1. I do promise to blog more, It's been kind of hard to schedule stuff, I'll be adding my reflections on Eastern Catholicism, and some other thoughts.

2. To finally leave the country....

3. Perhaps a change in some kind of status will occur this year. :)

I hope that all of you have a blessed New Year, please be safe, and God bless you.

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