14 December 2016

Things people do not need to apologise for

  • One does not need to apologise for having an opinion. It may be wrong, but one is entitled to have one. Just because one does not conform to someone's opinion doesn't mean that the world is over. 
  • One does not need to apologise for not being attracted to someone, for whatever reason one has. There's no obligation to like everyone one meets. (Yes, Our Lord says to love everyone, but that is a different discussion). Not everyone's attractive. Everyone is made in the image of God without a doubt, but that does not imply that every person will be attractive. (That said; of course, there are respectful ways to reject people and handle those situations, and one should always be respectful in those situations where one isn't attracted to a person)
  • For not upholding the western theological tradition. One can't defend what does not exist. There is a major difference between someone who is a western Christian and not upholding western expressions, versus someone who is an Eastern Christian who has a different theological tradition and perspective. The former would be a cafeteria Catholic, the latter can't be considered so as they do not have that tradition.
  • For giving the best to God, even the poor deserve to be lifted from the ugliness of life. 
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