25 September 2015

Thought of the day

Traditionalists and the Poor: The major issue I think at play, and what often ticks off those that are of a more traditional bent, is not that he's necessarily his emphasis on the poor (we're certainly all called to do that...), but rather being forced to take specific stances, when there are a variety of ways of working with and helping the poor among us. That is to say, is the government the best means to help the poor, or is the individual or something organized at a more local level? (The Church does have a principle called subsidiarity of course) How we help the poor is a matter of prudential judgement, and two people can legitimately disagree as to exactly what to do. Does helping the poor necessarily mean repeating UN or DNC talking points?

Rather unfortunately various points of LS are UN talking points (but to be fair of course population control was condemned in LS)....Sometimes as good as a lot of intentions of the various programs that are instituted to help the poor, they do the exact opposite of what they intend. Is it necessary that we support things that don't work quite as intended.

The poor we will always have with us (this of course doesn't mean we shouldn't try to help people carry their cross, or try to help them). The real sad thing to me actually, is that previous Popes DID talk about helping the poor, but no one ever listened. At least for sure with Benedict XVI was pope....The thing is those these things were done without fanfare or celebrity....(No one remembers the time when Pope Benedict went to the prison, met with sex abuse victims ab libitum from his schedule, or even rode the bus back)....

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