25 September 2015

Friends, love, and something like that

I normally do not talk about romance, love and all that stuff, but I was semi-inspired by my friend's post at her blog to speak on this subject, so I will.

The friend zone-Basically, it's those that I can't see myself marrying, or pursuing advances in friendship with. Nothing necessarily wrong with those individuals, certainly doesn't mean they're not physically attractive, but for objective reasons (most of the time) it'd be a situation that I would not pursue...

How is this determined?

-conflicting interests
-relations to self, or people I do not like
-non-Catholic or Orthodox*
-anything done to cross or hurt me
-various other things**

*exemptions can be made in certain circumstances

**believe me, a ton of things get on my nerves, A LOT of them.

Considering my nature is rather introverted, I am often making these observations without fanfare or notice, or if people do notice, I'm usually trying to hide.

Diverting from this point for a minute, I find that it's quite true that the male species does complain about being put in the female friend zone a lot. I think for many this comes from the frustration of the opposite sex not communicating, or even when they do, not having a real rational reason for their rejection.

That is to say, something along the lines of "I don't know" or "just because" are not really reasons to justify anything. This isn't of course to say something always requires an explanation, but I think for matters of closure, it makes life easier to communicate these reasons, rather than to hide them. Or put another way, ignoring a person, does not magically make their feelings disappear, strange isn't it?

So yes, I agree, as someone who is nearly 30 :p, There are ways to handle the friend zone like adults, but it's not always the easiest thing to do. Heartbreak is a difficult thing, and for those that take things rather harshly (like the author of this post), every break, will be like a record player, playing on a track.

Now back to the guy's version of the friend zone thing....Ladies, if you do end up in this zone, there is effectively no way out of it. (At least for me personally)...Is it necessarily because you're not a wonderful person, datable, etc...Of course not. Effectively, what one must do in order to escape, one has to be able to change the answers to the questions already written, turned into the teacher. (Think sneaking back and having to change the answers on a scantron).....Not impossible, but it'd take a lot of work.

It's a lot easier to swim downstream, rather than up stream. Something to keep in mind in regards to any friendship. In other words, if you've damaged it, it's a lot harder to fix it, than if you keep things strong and manage to not screw up.

So it seems that of course as humans we can always improve things....so...

A. Pray.....pray, pray...
a. communicate
b. communicate

Just my thoughts, have a good day...

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