10 September 2015

So it seems to me, that a little edumacation is in order.

As many know, I'm not one of those super "social" people on social media. Though it's not hard to figure out where I stand on issues....so we need to start on a few points of correction.

a. Kim Davis...not a martyr, simply following the laws that are on the books.

There does not exist a law for (or against) so called gay marriage at the federal level. Why is this? The constitution is rather clear on the role of the supreme court. They may NOT legislate law. They may interpret or issue rulings on law, but they have zero authority to "legislate from the bench" ™ Translation, whenever they issue a ruling, it does not "become law", the process starts again, and a new law must be written at the congressional level, and the process starts again. 

Of course, in practice, the SCOTUS has usurped their role, and been doing tons of bench legislation. 

Roe vs. Wade, a wonderful example of legislation from the bench, creating things that don't exist...

So as such, since there does not exist a law on the books, she's bound to follow the state laws that are on the books, which for the state of Kentucky happens to define marriage between a man and a woman. Ergo, she (Davis) has no authority to issue marriage licenses for so called couples of the same sex. 

Where she went wrong was turning this into a personal conscience situation. The conscience being somewhat subjective (not entirely) results in some disagreeing opinions on various matters. There are some strange things that go on in peoples' heads sometimes, no need for me to let them all here. 

I don't see the need to invoke religious liberty, when it's not necessary in this situation. She can't do what does not exist, there's no law, so there's nothing she could do. Conscience or not. She did not deserve to go to jail, for following the laws that are on the books. Unfortunately, the rule of law is only important, when those in power are running the show, like the particular laws on the books. 

Yes, she's in the right, but for reasons that have more to do with civics 101 rather than God...

b. Pope Francis, Oh dear...

Apparently, he wants every parish to house refugees, which of course in of itself isn't a bad thing....But there are practical problems, refugees cost money. ((Yes, folks, they do...again, not that this takes away from their given human dignity)....but more people in a place, increases utility costs, in particular I thinking of electricity and water....and I'm thinking of the smaller parishes that do not necessarily have the means to make this happen. The entire Church is not like in Europe, or often in Latin America, where there are endowments, or the government primarily cares for these buildings.

I also think there are security problems as such, there could be people posing as refugees which happen to be terrorists, or people of not so good will. I do not think operations like this should be done with discretion or discernment....Yes, we do need to welcome the stranger, sure, I don't disagree, but I'm also of the mindset, don't be stupid, if there's anything that scares you about a person, or a group, don't let them in. Being welcoming doesn't mean being stupid.

Yes, we're required to love everyone, but that doesn't mean we need to suspend our reason in the process.

And as if that wasn't enough, he's made the annulment process easier. An annulment is supposed to be difficult folks. Trying to prove invalidity is supposed to be hard. At least here in the US, they're handed out like candy to a baby practically...I think this is a bad thing for the Church at large, we already have enough abuse of things going on, let's not make it any easier.

c. Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders

As I've stated before on this blog, illegal does not refer to the person, but only their status with respect to the law. He speaks without a filter, which is a refreshing change of pace, but with that comes various problems. It's a good thing to think before one speaks, perhaps more than once. But so we're clear, no one in this presidential race is looking truly appealing. It's almost as if they're trying to make this go badly.

The road of good intentions leads to hell, or so it's said. Listening to Bernie, you can see the appeal in many of the things he's speaking about. Only one simple problem, the allocation of resources to make these things happen, is not quite so easy. Free college, wonderful, but seeing as the teachers still need to be paid, how's that going to happen? Oh wait, legalized theft :p....One can't give, unless one takes, especially if one is the government. Some ideas are so good, they should stay in the head.

d. Prayer request

I do have a friend who will be traveling to visit me, if you can pray for their safe arrival, that'd be great. (Pictures will of course happen)

In addition pray for the Spanish apostolate that is beginning at St Nick's church.

e. Some other things of order

The Roman archdiocese of LA has 3 new Bishops, wonderful. May they be faithful, and properly execute the Liturgy...I'm sick of seeing those flagons at the LA Cathedral...just sick of them...Abp Gomez, now is an acceptable time to get rid of those things...Now :)

Pax vobis

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