28 September 2014

St Therese Novena Day 7

O Heavenly Father, Who has bestowed upon us so many benefits through the intercession of St Therese of the Child Jesus, and willest that we should honour this lovable saint with a special devotion, we earnestly implore Thee of Thy fatherly loving-kindness the grace o be ever faithful in veneration of her, invoking and imitating her virtues.

It is good for us to pay honor to the Saints. Thou has placed these blessed Saints as powerful mediators between ourselves and Thee, that so Thou mayest bestow upon us more ready and more abundant aids. That which our prayer cannot obtain, theirs will obtain for us.

Thou has willed that the Saints should be our models. They once were what we are; we can with Thy grace become what they are, what they have done, we can do in our turn, Father, give us a true and lasting devotion towards St Therese of the Child Jesus, a devotion well ordered, constant, a devotion that will sanctify us an lead us to Thee o Whom all he homage we pay o the Saints returns.

St Therese of the Child Jesus, placed by the Church upon our altars to be our protectress with God and model in Christian life, obtain for us, we ask of you, ever to have you in honor, to venerate you, to invoke you, to imitate you for the greater glory of God and the greater good of our souls. Obtain for us the favors we crave and implore through your powerful intercession Amen.

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