24 September 2014

St Therese Novena Day 3

O Heavenly Father, Who did dispose the soul of St Theres of the Child Jesus to ascend by such wonderful steps and didst make this lovable saint to rise from virtue to virtue aiding her so admirably to practice humility, simplicity, patience, confidence, zeal and love, we beseech Thee to place in our hearts dispositions like to hers and to grant us to resemble her, that we may hence become conformable to Thy Son Jesus, our Model and the Divine Example of Thine adorable perfections.

These virtues are so needful for us, for without them we cannot be happy here below; without them we cannot gain for Thee the glory that Thou dost look for from us.

Vouchsafe, O Father, to help us make these virtues ours. May Thy numerous graces joined to our generous efforts, bring forth, as in St Therese. true and lasting virtue.

St Therese of the Child Jesus who to please God ever Wonderfully grew in virtue each day of your life, obtain for us to resemble you and generously to practice those virtues of which you have left us such a beautiful example. Obtain for us the favors we crave and implore through hyour powerful intercession. Amen.

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