26 September 2014

St Therese Novena Day 5

O Heavenly Father, Who so loved men that Thou didst give them Thine Only begotten Son to be their Redeemer upon the Cross and Food in the Divine Sacrament of the Altar, we beseech Thee to grant us through the prayers of S therese of the Child Jesus so inflamed with love of this Adorable Sacrament and so eager to receive It, the grace for our part to draw near very often to the Holy Table.

Following the example of St Therese of he Child Jesus, may we bring it to the best dispositions, a right intention, hearts filled with lively faith, a sincere humility, deep confidence, ardent charity.

Father, make us truly understand that this Divine Bread is no less needful to our soul than material bread is to our body and ha we cannot abstain from It without hurt to our soul.

St Therese of the Child Jesus who so much loved the Divine Sacrament of the Alar and so greatly longed to unite yourself to It through Holy Communion, obtain for us from God a love, like to yours for this Adorable Sacrament and a fervent longing often to receive It in our hearts. Obtain for us the favors we crave and implore through your powerful intercession Amen.

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