06 June 2014

Well, some thoughts on the NO...and what could be done.

**I premise this post by stating I believe in the validity of the Missal of Paul VI without question!...Also I'm open to hearing Latin corrections

The disclaimer said, the problem is that the NO is an expression of different theologies (Roman, Protestant, and Eastern) and the combination of such while not an intrinsic evil (As even the Traditional Roman Missal has Eastern Elements)...the confusion of such without a distinct focus, I believe is a problem, and should be addressed....Looking at the texts themselves, here's my humble opinion as to how the problem can be solved.

My summary of changes would look like this:

  • Codified chanting for all parts of the Liturgy
  • Explicit references to sacrifice restored
  • Trinitarian references added 
  • More signs of the Cross
  • Options eliminated
  • Codified singing of the propers...(with elimination of the options there of)
  • Codified ad orientem
  • Restoration of all genuflections
  • Elimination of ab libbing chances
  • Codified prayers of the Faithful, time for the Church to think with the same mind.
  • Complete re-working of the GIRM

here's an example of what could be done for the doxology after the Our Father copied from the Greek text from the Liturgy of St John Chrysostom into Latin, which alludes to yesterday's thought of the day: Quia tuum est regnum et potestas Gloria Patri et Filio et Spiritui Sancto, Perpetuo, nunc et semper, et in saecula saecula...

Considering now is the season of interviews for teaching jobs...the time I have might be minimal, but I hope to finish soon. For I think that indeed the texts while not heretical are problematic and should be looked at. 

More to this post later

Pax Vobis

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